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When it comes to your own health – it’s you who is in charge! It’s your body, your health and your future. Don’t let back pain, arthritis, sciatica or any other symptoms stop you achieving your goals.

Here in Exeter, we have a team of professionals ready to help you in the best way possible, from muscle aches to headaches. Whether you need Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy/Massage or a combination of services in Exeter, we’ve got everything available all under one roof. Our job is to offer you the highest standard of care, make appropriate recommendations and work together so you can get the most out of every day.

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Your Local and Trusted Exeter Chiropractor

- We're pleased to welcome you and your loved ones to ROCK Chiropractic Health Centre, your trusted headquarters for natural health and wellness care in Exeter. 

- Our one-of-a-kind blend of conservative techniques, chiropractic expertise, compassionate, and individualised care can help you and every member of your family experience an optimal quality of life for the many years ahead. 

- We hope you will take a moment to explore the wealth of information on this website and we think you'll be excited by what you discover! 

- Here at ROCK, we want to become your Chiropractor in Exeter and help guide you to the best vision of health you have for yourself!

Chiropractic Care

Conservative Care Services to Enhance Your Life and Health

- Whether you're struggling with an ongoing health problem, rehabilitating a painful injury, or simply trying to keep your family as healthy as possible at all times, you've come to the right place. Our Centre can enhance health, comfort, and quality of life for members of all ages -- safely, effectively, non-surgically, and without drugs. We're proud to offer such diverse (yet complementary) services as:

- Advanced diagnostics; Our team are highly skilled at making accurate diagnoses through member intake and touch alone. But we also incorporate such state-of-the-art diagnostics as digital X-rays to obtain the most precise information possible about your spine and health.

- Chiropractic adjustments; Specific spinal adjustments can regulate pain, improve function and flexibility in joints, and ease soft tissue inflammation.

- Management of specific conditions; Chiropractic can help improve physical function and comfort in conditions such as TMJD and scoliosis.

Chiropractic Care For Kids

Massage Therapy

Discover a more relaxed, pain free ease of movement

You don’t have to be in training for competitive sports to suffer from muscle aches, pains or injuries. Anyone who works full time on a computer knows this all too well. The good news is that joint and muscle pain don’t have to be an endurance event. In fact, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy relaxed ease of movement regardless of your age or current activity levels. Properly executed massage therapy promises a return to your full range or movement, vastly reduced pain, and long lasting effects. Joint and muscle pain is usually caused by stiffness and scarring of the muscle and myofascial tissue. Symptoms include a deep ache and a sensitive knot in the muscle. Our talented massage therapists will quickly identify these areas and get to work easing tension, breaking up scar tissue, increasing circulation, and enabling a deep, pain-free relaxation. You may also benefit from kinesio taping, which provides support and stability to joints without restricting circulation or movements.

All our message therapies are carried out in a friendly, considerate and unhurried manner inside our peaceful Exeter quayside premises. Call today for an informal chat, or to book a consultation on 01392 790 499

Physiotherapy Exeter

Contact Us Today!

|ROCK Chiropractic Health Centre | 01392 790 499

45 The Quay Exeter, Devon, EX2 4AN

Seeing Us at ROCK Is a Chance To;

- Be The Healthier You, For You and Your Family

- Fix Root Problems Instead of Surface Symptoms

- Achieve Greater Well-being, Once and For All

- Take Back your Life and Return to The Things You Love Doing

- See Lasting Results

chiropractic care

Our X Ray Machines;

- Here at the ROCK centre, when you need it, our Digital X-Ray Machines can give you the much need clarity you have been seeking.- What you may be looking for more than a local Exeter Chiropractor is actually peace of mind. Here at ROCK, we want to provide both!

- For making ROCK your locally trusted Exeter Chiropractor, we welcome all new members with a half price consultation and X-Ray (if needed)

Chiropractic Care

An Introduction to Our Principal Chiropractor

Our Exeter Centre is guided by our principal chiropractor in residence, Dr. Sari Botros (Doctor of Chiropractic), who founded the clinic with his wife Wida following many years of success serving the chiropractic needs of Canterbury and Hampton Court. 

Our Chiropractor, in-depth, studies in biomedical science, spinal biophysics, neurology, paediatrics, wellness care, scoliosis, precision adjusting and specific conditions such as TMJD allow him and his team to care for members with a unique depth of understanding. 

But the thing you'll notice and appreciate most about the team is how focused they are on helping you achieve your personal health goals. When you visit Dr. Sari Botros (Doctor of Chiropractic) you get more than just a local and trusted Exeter chiropractor; you've found a committed and passionate primary care adviser for life.

Massage Therapies Exeter

ROCK Physiotherapy in Exeter

We offer outstanding Physiotherapy to our Exeter Community. Our primary focus is to alleviate pain and discomfort in the body as well as helping you function at your best. Our highly trained, experienced physio use a combination of traditional and innovative myofascial release techniques, such as Cold Laser, Massage Therapies, Medical Acupuncture and Kinesio Taping alongside exercise programmes to provide you with the best possible treatment.


We specialise in the treatment of a wide variety of sporting, occupational and general musculoskeletal disorders and injuries.


Our Physiotherapist is always on hand to ensure that you get the optimal outcome from your surgery.


ROCK Physiotherapy is delighted to offer comprehensive programmes to prevent injury and improve sport performance. 


New CHIROPRACTIC Members Receive £50 off (usually £100)

Initial Consultation, Examination & X-Rays (if needed)

ROCK Chiropractic Health Centre

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Meet the Team

  • Dr.
    Sari Botros
    BSc (Hons), MChiro
    Doctor of Chiropractic

    As principal chiropractor at ROCK Chiropractic Health Centre, it's my mission to inspire and educate the vibrant community here in Devon toward better health and wellness. After many successful years practising in both Canterbury and Hampton Court, I've settled in Exeter with my wife where together we have established ROCK. Our centre is based in an historic 500-year-old building on Exeter's atmospheric quayside.

  • Wida Botros
    Centre Manager

    As centre manager here at ROCK Chiropractic it's my job to make sure that your experience with us is always the very best it can be. Whether that's ensuring you're happy with the care you're receiving to helping you keep on track with your wellness plans, I'm always on hand to help, discuss or just offer support. Additionally, I'm also the clinical assistant, which means I will have a good understanding of your current health profile, and can answer most of your questions any time your chiropractor is unavailable.


Reviews From our Satisfied Patients

  • "Sari's knowledge and his skill amazed me, he even fixed my ear! All the staff are exceptionally professional and friendly, I was made very, very welcome almost family like. I positively looked forward to my visits each week." Tom achieved amazing results but the main changes he noticed was as his posture improved he felt "prouder, calmer and stronger in myself." His favourite part of coming to ROCK is feeling the teams love and passion."POSITIVELY LIFE CHANGING." "
    Tom Cook
  • "Great Service. From the first moment we entered the health centre we felt welcome. Everything was explained clearly and I knew each step that was being taken. And it was the first time I have had x-rays to identify where I needed treatment."
  • "I really want to thank Doctor Sari and Wida for helping me change my life in a positive way. I am a 31-year-old female, that has multiple sclerosis. I had a lot of pain in my neck and back. I could also hardly walk and some days I would have to use a wheelchair. However, after regular adjustments from doctor Sari my walking has improved so much that I am now even able to run again. Not only this but I no longer struggle with neck and back pain."
  • "I cannot thank Dr Sari and his team enough for the changes they've made to my well-being. I spend my days leaning over a computer and my back and overall posture was a mess. They have helped correct my posture and significantly eased my back pain (I'm only halfway through my treatment).All the team are incredibly friendly and welcoming, and the centre's even child friendly."
  • "My first visit to Rock yesterday. No need for any nerves, as you are treated impeccably from start to finish. A very friendly and personal approach to your concerns and health. So refreshing to be treated in such a personal way. I would highly recommend the practice to anyone."
  • "Thank you Sari & Wida for your exceptional care and understanding - it is very much appreciated and I am very glad you are our neighbours!"
  • "Very friendly, bespoke service based in a beautiful historic building with a great Chiropractor and Team. Would highly recommend."
    Michael W.
  • "Excellent patient care & treatment. Sari & Wida are a fab team who have taken fantastic care of me & my family. All procedures are clearly explained & the treatments are thorough & very effective. Can not recommended highly enough."
    Amy B.

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