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5 Signs You Are Drinking Too Much Coffee

Waking up to the smell of coffee is one of life's little treats but have we been treating ourselves a little too often? We are a nation who now needs to wake up to the negative effects of drinking too much coffee because the latest science on the matter is most definitely nothing to sleep on!

Here Are 5 Signs You're Drinking Too Much Coffee.

Before we get into shocking ourselves, it's important to remember that this is about “drinking too much coffee” and thus, the facts which follow must be read in the context of over-consumption.

Enough tension built up yet?

So how does coffee affect us? 

Well, the caffeine in the coffee beans act as a Central Nervous System Stimulant, which is what gives us the sensation of alertness. However, there is a massive misunderstanding here because although, yes, we are indeed becoming alert and seemingly energized, it is actually a tax on the Nervous System. This is because it is our Fight or Flight response which is being stimulated and all that buzz is created by adrenaline. 

This is where coffee starts running out of perks - We are alert because our body is in Fight or Flight mode; the body thinks it is in danger - which is why we get this feeling of super-human focus. Once our adrenal gland stops pumping out adrenaline, we begin to experience very acute adrenal fatigue. This makes us feel tired, which in turn and with the belief that caffeine is an energy source, sends us scrambling back to the barista for a double shot of the good stuff. In reality though, we actually just repeating the cycle, only this time, we slightly magnify the effects stimulating our fight or flight response to release adrenaline.

We build an Adrenaline Debt (if you will). 

The more coffee we drink - The more fatigued we become - The more dependent we are on coffee  - The more we repeat the cycle. 

Nothing in this expenditure process involves getting that energy we were originally seeking paid back to us, we are in debt and the interest rates a through the roof. 

5 Signs You Are Drinking Too Much Coffee

  1. You Have to Have It

    This may sound obvious but when you dig slightly deeper it becomes about why you have to have it. YOU-ARE-ADDICTED!

    Well, in reality, your body is actually addicted because it begins to become dependent on the effects of Coffee. Which is often why we say things like “I can’t start the day before I have a coffee”.

  2. Too Many Visits to the Toilet

    When you are sipping on your coffee you are also sipping on a diuretic. This means that one of the effects of coffee is to “clear out the junk” and often, even after a single cup, you will find yourself going back and forth to the toilet. Which brings on the next point.

  3. Dehydration

    Because coffee helps the body to get rid of fluids a little too effectively, you begin to dry up. You become more and more dehydrated which by default, raises a whole bagful of uncomfortable symptoms that too often, is relieved by drinking more coffee. But it is only short term relief!

  4. STRESS and Anxiety

    It’s important to remember that when we are drinking coffee we are stimulating the stress response (fight or flight) - Adrenaline is released into the body. The body doesn't know that its producing stress because its drunk coffee, the body just knows its producing stress. The more we indulge with this process the more the body responds and thus, the more the body is likely to experience adrenal fatigue. This makes us feel jittery, restless and we can find it hard to think rationally. We are anxious and stressed!

  5. You Can’t Sleep!

    Imagine how common it is for people to believe they have issues with sleeping rather than simply experiencing the effects of too much coffee. If coffee is capable of causing all of the above, then perhaps it is little wonder why so many of us experience such a poor quality of sleep.

Overall, it is likely best to play around with your coffee consumption. If you know without a doubt that you are drinking too much, try cutting back until you notice results. “Everything in moderation” is the most un-moderate saying for a reason. 

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