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What is Traction Therapy?

man with back pain is in a chiropractors office in Exeter

What is Traction Therapy in Exeter?

When you experience back or neck pain, it impacts your normal life. It may interfere with your favorite activities, limit your mobility or distract you from your normal behaviors. Traction therapy provides a solution to help with your pain and reduce the discomfort you experience by reducing the pressure on your nerves.

Basics of Traction Therapy

Traction therapy is a decompression strategy for back and neck pain. The goal of treatment is straightening and stretching the spine and neck. By stretching the spine, you reduce compression, or pressure, on the nerves. A chiropractor may use manual traction or a tool to address the pressure and compression. In our clinic, we may use different tools to straighten your spine after evaluating your needs and clarifying the cause of your pain.

Advantages of the Treatment

The advantages of the treatment focus on pain management and relief. The primary benefit is reduced pressure on your nerves, which allows your back or neck to heal from an injury or a problem.

Other benefits of the treatment include:

  • Greater mobility
  • Improved range of motion in the back
  • Reduced pain
  • Correcting problems with your spine

Traction therapy works on addressing the underlying cause of your pain. It treats a variety of spinal conditions, including sciatica and a herniated disc in the spine.

When to Consider Traction Therapy for Your Health

In our clinic, we recommend traction therapy to help with back pain and specific conditions that impact your health. We do not recommend the treatment if you have certain medical concerns, like osteoporosis, so we discuss your health before developing a personalized treatment plan.

You want to consider the treatment when you have back pain or specific health conditions that relate to your spine and back. For example, we may suggest the treatment to help with pain from degenerative disc disease or sciatica. We may also recommend the treatment when you have general pain in your body but no clear reason for the pain. We recommend traction therapy treatment for fibromyalgia or other trigger point conditions for improved spinal function and health.

Visit Our Traction Therapy Chiropractor in Exeter, Devon

Traction therapy gives you an opportunity to address problems in your back and neck. It straightens and stretches your spine and reduces the pressure on your nerves. In our clinic, we offer the treatment to help with pain management or to address a specific problem in your back. To learn more about treating your pain with chiropractic care or to set up an appointment, contact us at 01392-790499 today.


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