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Long Term Spinal Correction FAQ's

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Long Term Spinal Correction FAQ's: ROCK Chiropractic Health Centre Can Help

When it comes to caring for your spine, prevention is always the most important step. For those with significant spinal abnormalities or previous injuries or disease, ongoing maintenance is very important. For those who need long term spinal correction, a slow process of working to adjust your spine properly, we recommend coming in to see Dr. Botros for an appointment at ROCK Chiropractic Health Centre. Our team is happy to answer any of your questions. Here are some we often hear.

What Is Spinal Correction?

It is the process of slowly adjusting the curvature of the spine to improve alignment. We do this through routine chiropractic adjustments. Done over time, we can see the improvement of the spine from a deep curve to much less of a curve and even a more normal pattern.

Who Needs Spinal Correction?

When you see your chiropractor, we'll discuss your needs. If your shoulders and spine do not align properly, such as is evident in your posture, you may benefit from this treatment.

Why Does Long Term Spinal Correction Work?

It's not possible to simply bend the spine to the proper position in one appointment. It takes time. During our chiropractic appointments, we'll work to actually retrain your neurological control over your spine. During this process, we work to teach your brain the proper spinal formation, so that you do not have to try to straighten your spine over time.

How Long Do You Need to Be Seen?

Long term spinal correction is not for a specific time frame but tends to be an ongoing process. The frequency of such appointments and the length of treatment depend on each patient's specific needs. Most of the time, patients will need to receive help in an ongoing process for several months to see significant improvement.

Does Spinal Correction Hurt?

The answer to this question is no. Chiropractic adjustments are very effective and involve pressure, but no pain. Many people feel better after having them. We encourage each patient to come in for an evaluation where we can speak to you about what your body needs. Many people see pain relief from that first adjustment.

Schedule a Consultation with Your Exeter Chiropractor for Long Term Spinal Correction

Let our team help ensure your spine remains healthy. Call us today to schedule an appointment to discuss any concerns you have. Dr. Sari Botros is happy to answer any of your questions during our exam. Call us to get started: 01392 790 499 for an appointment with your Exeter chiropractor.


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