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From relieving pain to improving posture to maintaining a healthy vigour, Chiropractic is all about developing a rock solid foundation for great health now and in the future.

Rock-54.jpgRELIEF CARE

If you’re unfortunate enough to be suffering from pain when you visit our Centre, our first priority will be to get you out of pain in the shortest time possible. Daily visits may be required initially depending on the person and source of the pain.

You may not be aware that pain is actually a very poor indicator of health, and only appears once the underlying cause has become quite advanced. So while pain will be given priority and is usually the first symptom to disappear, the underlying cause may remain – only to cause pain again at a future date.

Our Chiropractic understanding of pain is that it’s the tip of an iceberg. Of course we want to relieve you of pain, but once that urgency has passed, the cause of the pain or symptom is actually more important.

Treatments for pain usually consist of specific spinal Chiropractic adjustments, but we’ll assess each person individually to offer the most appropriate care we can.


Sufferers of poor spinal health will know all too well the toll it can take on your overall wellbeing. You may experience breathing difficulties, reduced movement or lack of strength. Chiropractic recognises the importance of spinal health as an essential component of you and your family’s health. For visitors to our Centre who are not in pain, we aim to restore your natural spinal health, and as a consequence, your overall health and wellbeing.

While receiving corrective care, you’ll benefit from our unique multi-disciplinary approach to long-term spinal correction. This may involve hands-on treatments, nutrition and exercise advice, as well as posture and lifestyle changes.

575adde23a047_skin19heroimageschiro4.jpgROCK HEALTH & MAINTENANCE CARE

What’s the key to healthy living? While we’re all the same on the inside, we’re also individuals with different healthcare needs. ROCK health is our program for your own personalised health maintenance routine. Just as you would follow a diet or exercise regimen, we use our Chiropractic skills and knowledge to keep your mind and body strong, flexible, and in a good, healthy condition. ROCK health includes all the aspects of care we offer to be taken at a frequency that suits you, we understand that considering a Chiropractor in Exeter also means considering your lifestyle and health goals. ROCK health is built on proven methods of preventative healthcare that we believe should be available to all, regardless of age and medical history.

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