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If you've been frustrated by conventional approaches to healthcare or fear that you may require surgery if your condition becomes worse, maybe it's time to try something different. ROCK Chiropractic Health Centre exists to bring you and your family back to full health without drugs or surgery, but simply by harnessing your body's own healing processes.

Founded by Dr Sari Botros and his wife Wida, ROCK raises the bar for healthcare throughout the area, focusing not only on spinal adjustments, but on pro-active health and education. From our stunning Exeter Quayside Centre, we're dedicated to improving the health and vitality of everyone in the city and beyond.

Trained by some of the most highly regarded hands and minds in the field, Dr Sari and his team offer a holistic approach to ROCK members, without the use of drugs or surgery. Simply by understanding how the skeleton and nervous system interact to promote health - or compromise it - Dr Sari knows how to gently bring your body back into a state where it can heal itself.

Every member is treated as an individual, with no one-size-fits-all approach. We know that no two bodies are identical, and we will take the time to get to know as much about you as possible before prescribing a course of adjustments, exercises and lifestyle changes. Just as importantly, you'll be served with the discretion and compassion you deserve at all times. We know how important it is to really feel at ease if you're going to properly benefit from the full body health effects of our holistic Chiropractic approach.

In addition to our peaceful and beautiful surroundings, our Centre also boasts state of the art facilities. For those times where touch alone is insufficient to figure out the cause, our on-site digital X-ray suite is available to all members. And when the time comes for an adjustment to be made, Dr Sari and his team use only his own design of bespoke Chiropractic benches, ensuring your maximum comfort as well as allowing for more accurate adjustments.

Of course, the best kind of healthcare is preventative. Which is why we're fully committed to taking an active role in education. In addition to our regular ROCK Talks - which we encourage you to attend - we also partner with many different organisations and businesses to offer our unique insight into the self-healing potential within your body. Full health is a wonderful thing, and we believe everyone deserves it.

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